Error message in Base: The data content could not be loaded. Invalid Descriptor index.


I have upgraded Libre Office from version 5 to 6.1 and now I am getting the error message.

I also installed a later version of ODBC, which you can see here:
image description
image description

When I then open up the file, I then get this message:

I can then click on OK, and the search functionality on the right side of the screen works, so I can see it connects to the database, but the left hand side of the screen doesn’t work, and I cannot retrieve the details that I see on the right hand side of the screen in the search area.

Any ideas what my problem may be?

Thanks is advance.


Thank you, very much.

This worked.
Unzipping the file, changing the content, re-zipping it and renaming it didn’t work, as the file became corrupt.
But right clicking on it and selecting ‘7-zip’ - ‘Open Archive’, then editing the content.xml file seemed to work. This requires that 7-zip is installed.

I don’t really understand the logic in this. Is this a bug? Can no-one use MYSQL and LibreOffice Base without this knowledge?
Is this going to be fixed in future versions?
Would it be wiser to stick with version 6.0 of Libre Office?

Is it recommended that I be connecting with JDBC or another method.

Sorry to ask so many questions.


Please do not respond with an answer - use add a comment. Answers are to respond to original question.

Had you read the comments attached to the answer in my link, you would not have questions. Also if you used my code, the zipping would not have been necessary.

Noted - add a comment. I re-read your comments, a few times, but it’s not really answering my questions, but that’s probably just me. Thank you anyway.


The comments mention this setting should be part of database Advanced Settings (from main odb menu → Edit->Database->Advanced settings.... There are also noted links to bug reports (tdf#'s - these are links to the actual bug reports, just click on them) in both the answer & comments.

It’s obvious you cannot use it unless you apply the fix. When the bug is fixed the problem will go away. Sticking with 6.0.x seems a bit drastic seeing as it takes 5 seconds to run the fix I have provided (you avoided it and took the long route).

Thank you.


This is not unique to ODBC. Also is a problem with JDBC, SDBC and Firebird.

Please see my answer in this post → Form got broken with Libreoffice Base version and later [MySQL(ODBC)] for method to fix the problem.