Error: My LibreOffice Writer closes when i try to open the bibliography database

I can edit the bibligraphy database of my LibreOfice Wirter, it closes qhen i try to open them… i need help

If you are using Ubuntu and the version of LibreOffice provided by your distribution, then install the module Base which is not installed by default by Ubuntu.
If you are using another operating system, which one ?

Yes, i’m using Ubuntu… how can i install this module

Installing base is the correct answer.
Use your software center or

$sudo apt-get install libreoffice-base

I have exactly the same problem; I use Windows 7 and despite having downloaded the last version of the installer and ticked “Install Base”, it seems that nothing has changed.

I must add that I had not installed Base at the first install.

This problem is still happening. I’m on Windows 8.1 and LO crashes when opening the bibliography database. And if i try to open Base from the Libreoffice main menu, nothing happens. Edited: LO version 4.4.2