Error opening a Quattro Pro WB2 file

I find in several places, notably, the statement that “Calc 3” in both OpenOffice and LibreOffice will open Quattro Pro WB2 files.

Whenever I try to open one, I get an error:

Error in file structure while importing.

Thinking perhaps an extension was needed, I searched the extensions catalog for a Quattro Pro extension but found none.

Where am I going wrong?

Hi @ΜετάEd, Yes, as @horst mentions below, it would be great if you could please file a bug about this problem. The QA team will be happy to help you track down this issue. Hopefully there are no errors in your WB2 files!

For tracking purposes, here’s the bug

@manj_k – Looks like the linking problem is fixed now :slight_smile:

@qubit1 – No, I have enabled the link. There’s a new setting: “Insert clickable links – 30 karma-points”.

Can the AskLO FAQ page be updated to reflect any new karma requirements? I haven’t bothered raising questions related to these types of problems since the 4 July 2013 upgrade as I am sure @qubit1, @manj_k, et al have your work cut out for you and are quite aware of these matters. Let me know if you want me to start raising these issues as questions.

@oweng – I hope (or hoped) that the upgraded site would make that page reference the karma variables directly, so that they would never get out of date! If we are seeing some discrepancies, feel free to file a bug and ping me about it (or give it to me :-), and I’ll make sure to chat w/Evgeny about fixing the problem.

You should check Bugzilla if somebody filed already a bug or submit a new one.

ADD ON: In my experience with converting Lotus SmartSuite files to LO the best thing to do is export them from the original Suite to a MSOffice file format. Then you get the best convertion.

The devs put more effort in MS compatibility then other programs. Lets face it it is probably the biggest users out there.