Error opening XLSX general input/output error LO

Unable to open XLSX file in LO Gives error message General Input /Output error. When the same file is saved as XLS the file can be opened without any issues. We are having this issue in Windows OS (7/10). Help to fix this issue.

Open an issue in Bugzilla and attach a test file to reproduce the problem there.

yes did it and the BUG ID 111943

This is a regression in 5.4 - please use 5.3 until it’s fixed.

UPDATE: bug 111943 was fixed by
Eike Rathke on master 21 Aug 2017. Backports to 5.4 and 5.3 are pending.

Let me test with 5.3.2 and update you.

Mike we are using LibreOffice on more than 6000+ computers. Do you think we can avail some kind of Enterprise support or any dedicated support can be leveraged? This will ease out the situation for reporting issues and as well as we can help to test the releases for you. Kindly let me know if any such is possible.

Of course. There is a list of certified companies and individuals that provide professional support.

Btw: if you are running an enterprise, it’s a bad idea to roll out Fresh branch of LibreOffice. Still branch is intended for corporate use.

Thanks a lot Mike for guiding me to the right direction. I was just got driven by the name “Fresh” branch. yes will make a note of that and will always use the Still Branch. Do you know if those are charged or will be again like a opensource support modle?

Both branches are (and always were) free and open-source. There’s no difference in license between these branches at all. We simply always keep two (the latest and one previous and more tested) branches specifically to please both those who like to have latest features, and those who value stability first. See our release plan for details.

Of course, if you decide to get the enterprise-grade L3 support from a certified provider, the support is paid. I don’t know why do you contradistinguish the “open-source” and “paid” support models, though. The support from our paid support providers is open-source. All enhancements that they make go to the LibreOffice code, and the whole community benefits from those. You pay for timely fixing your reported bugs, and other services you got in terms of your contract.

Thanks Mike again. I am not distinugishing or being hesitant but just get clear understanding of those so that i can see if i will be able to convinece my management if needed to go for enterprise support. Yes indeed i agree this will help whole community as always :). But the response that you are providing is just amazing and i havent came across such a lightning speed response so far…

Tested the version 5.4.1 (test) is working properly and able to open those files. So when can we expect this to be released as still version?

The bugzilla issue mentions target versions in its whiteboard, as well as in its comments. You may see there that it is already available in 5.3.6.