error outofmemory

Using Split database HSQLDB my databases working fine but now its showing error outofmemory attaching screen short [link ( developed in 32 bit window 7 with liberoffice 32 bit HSQLDB database. When this program run in window 10 64bit with liberoffice 64 bit HSQLDB database. Now I am experiencing regularly out of memory error and to restored application used old backup files but interval between backup files and error generated period are lost. So its quite furstating to reentered data. I increase cache memory but same result. So how to overcome this problem.

No screenshot here. And Lo version/OS details are the minimum information required…

Libreoffice 5.4.3v HSQLDB 2 or higher screenshot link added

There’s a ‘More’ button.

Do you use 32-bit LibreOffice?

64 bit window 10

“64 bit” what? Windows? Or LibreOffice? One could just paste here the copied text from Help-About, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Both of …

lot of search on net i found this solution working for one week, it has a positive effect!
The memory still increases through the test run, but I don’t run out anymore.

You can reduce memory usage of lobs by executing