error says file does not exist

although i can see the files when i try to open them an error message says file does not exist.

What do you see? - I assume it is the thumbnail in LibreOffice’s Start Center, which is only a link to the real file. Hoover your mouse over the thumbnail and you’ll see, where the file was stored, when you had it opened for the last time. And the error in fact says: “I can’t find the file, where it was the last time. And that’s the only location I know about”.

I have a similar problem since I updated to LibreOffice
When I try to open a Thunderbird email attachment, LibreOffice reports, for example that “/tmp/mozilla_leon0/Wild horses near Lithgow captured to control feral population in Newnes State Forest 11-11-2021 pm.docx does not exist.”
On checking, I find that:

  1. I can find the file if I use Files; and
  2. When I try to open the file directly from LibreOffice, I get the same message as above. LibreOffice can open the hidden directories /tmp/.snap and /tmp/.X11-unix, but cannot find /tmp/mozilla_leon0/.
    Is there a LibreOffice setting that I can change, to address this problem?

It sounds like anti-virus is blocking access to the folders you normally store files in. Please see my answer to question 267726. Cheers,Al

You have got to be jokingI came here for help.

This is not an answer, please click more underneath your answer then Repost as comment, or delete.

Then ask your own question, giving OS and version, LibreOffice and version, and details of the problem with text of any error messages. Cheers, Al

I came here for help

Ok - here is your help according to information given. If it says the file does exist, then this means: The file is no longer there and you need to re-create the file. And next time please ask a fortune teller.

I have booted up my crystal balls:

One of which says the file has been moved using a file manager to another location

The other says the network drive the file is stored on has not been mounted yet; probably open in file manager to mount (this ball is cloudy and cannot identify your OS for some bizarre reason).