Error setting up first database?

Setting up a new database for the first time. Got an error message: The connection to the data source “CollabraTestDatabase” could not be established." What is wrong?


You provide no basic information - specific LO version, OS, database used. There are numerous answers on this topic already. Here are just some of the first retrieved with a search:

No Connection to HSQLDB Embedded Database

The connection to the data source could not be established

base error: no SDBC Driver found

The connection to the data source “DataBase Name” could not be established.

If you still cannot solve your issue, please post (with comment or edit original question) additional information.

LOVanilla provided by Collabora doesn’t support embedded hsqldb ODB file or anything Java related. Any and all functionality that requires a Java virtual machine will simply fail to work. That includes database functionality which relies on the presence of a detected JDK version (and also the Java report generator).

I got my copy of LO from the Mac Store but purchased the “Collabora Office” not the LibreOffice Vanilla.

Is that version also unable to use Java Functionality?

Another user mentioned (don’t see it here, but got an email showing a suggestion?) That I go to LibreOffice → Preferences → LibreOffice → Adavanced → Option: [x] Use a Java runtime environment. That is greyed out it my version and I am not able to check it.

Solved! As Alex Thurgood suggested I Deleted the Collabora version I purchased from Apple, then installed LO from the Website - I had already installed JDK from trying to solve the previous issue. Everything now works great. Thank you.