Error trying to install Libre - no authority to update font

I’m trying to install Libre…actually was trying to install the latest version…and it got to a certain point and then issued an error message that it didn’t have sufficient authority to change a Windows font. I tried to get it to ignore and continue but it wouldn’t, so I had to abort which erased the original installation. I then tried to re-install the new version and the same thing happened. I checked in my Windows Font folder and the font it’s having issues with doesn’t even exist. Can you tell me how to get around this issue?

didn’t have sufficient authority to change a Windows font.

To me it looks like there is a permissions problem to windows directories.

Make sure you have administrator permissions.

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I tried several of the suggestions in the wiki link provided - turned off Windows Defender, turned off Brother Control Center, but am still getting error #1331 - something to do with no authority to change a LiberationItalic font. You suggested ensuring I have admin permission - how do I do that? Thanks!

Check if you have local admin rights to install

Administrative privileges required

Thanks for all that. After trying several of the possible solutions - and verifying that I Do have Admin permission turned on - I tried executing the download and install using Chrome instead of Edge and it worked. Apparently Edge is the problem.

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Windows - always a source of joy and diversion.

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