Error trying to use Base with XAMPP

I’m very new to LibreOffice Base and databases in general. I have a test database setup in XAMPP and MariaDB ODBC Connection setup. I’m successfully able to connect to the database through Base and do most functions. There are some things like the View Design that display the following or similar errors when trying to save. I looked for the C:/cygwin64 and the folder is not there. Do you know what I might be missing or doing wrong?

Nothing has been selected. at C:/cygwin64/home/buildslave/source/libo-core/dbaccess/source/ui/querydesign/querycontroller.cxx:1554

Define views in your preferred database administration tool for MariaDB.

HI @Villeroy. Thanks for the fast response. So i would just use the phpmyadmin administration instead of the Base application for this type of action/configuration?

This is a known bug: If you created the first view for your MySQL/MariaDB database you could create views through ODBC.

Have a look at the bug description. Create a table, lets say “table1”.
Now create a view in the database through Tools > SQL:
CREATE VIEW "public"."tview" AS SELECT * FROM "public"."table1"
Save the *.odb-file.
Close the *.odb-file.
Reopen the *.odb-file.
Now you could create views in GUI of Base.

Note: This bug only appears with ODBC connection for MySQL/MariaDB. Direct connection and JDBC connection could create a view by default.

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Yes, indeed. Once you are connected to some 3rd-party database, you can define Base specific queries, forms and reports. You can also feed form letters and calculation models with database data. Any modification to the database itself may not be supported. However, you can always use the SQL command line (Tools>SQL…) to communicate directly with your database in its specific SQL dialect as in CREATE VIEW - MariaDB Knowledge Base
I don’t have MariaDB at hand right now, but you may try to create a query in design view, save and close the query, then right-click>“Create as view …”, which may be able to translate the query into a view that is saved in the Maria DB and in Maria’s SQL dialect.

Thank you @Villeroy and @RobertG. It seems like it is a combination of me being new to the program, the bug, and understanding how the program/3rd party database are relating together. I’ve fund a zip file with a bunch a pre-made examples that has really helped. I just need to start learning the system a little better now. I appreciate the help!

It is a database frontend of the 90ies. Archaic, not intuitive, slightly buggy but rather functional once you leave behind the “wizards” except for the report wizard which creates rather useful layout patterns.