Error when creating calculated date query

In this thread is a functioning AddDays.odb example of a query that calculates a date plus a number.
I tried doing this in this LANdpLAN database and I got an error. I copied tables from LANdpLAN into AddDays.odb and the query worked. What could the difference be between LANdpLAN.odb and their example?

download their example: Dropbox - AddDays.odb - Simplify your life
download LANdpLAN:

look for a query called “calculated_harvest” in both of the linked files and you will see that it works in one and not the other…

On my mobile I can’t check the databases, but did you read: The query in AddDays was saved as a view, wich is the reason, why formatting as a date was stored/remembered.

Error says: Incompatible data type. So: Is “days_to_maturity” an INTEGER? Is “sewdate” a DATE?

You have created an external database. So I couldn’t test it with your database. Example has been created with internal HSQLDB.

Yes. I did notice it said the view is necessary to display the correct date format. In the example the date formula gives a string of numbers in the query. I was not able to replicate this with my database.

Yes. Thanks for pointing me in a promising direction. Maybe I have to discover the difference between an internal database and an external database to solvey problem …

@goedible : It couldn’t be the difference between internal and external database. But: It would be to get an example with this error, which is an internal database. It is easier to reproduce for other people.

I would have a look at the data type.

Would you like to open the ‘calculated_harvest’ query in the LANdpPLAN.odb to see if the error happens on other machines?

I tried opening a report and got a longer error, maybe someone finds clues in here:

This file is working with an external database. So I couldn’t test.

If you get this error with every report you wanted to start: Report Builder won’t work with packages from OpenSUSE, also won’t work with packages from Ubuntu. Use the original packages from