Error when trying to install workbench on win7P desktop

When trying to install workbench on my win 7P desktop, it fails and I get this message: python. Exe - system error, this program can’t start because it missing api-ms-win-core-path 1-1-0.dll
Thank you

How is this related to Libreoffice?

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Workbench is part of mysql which is what you have to use if you want security on your libreoffice base apps.

All what could be done with Workbench could also be done by direct SQL through Base → Tools → SQL. But you need much more knowledge for this than you need for GUI of Workbench.

Please search for this in the web. There will be some comments and more help.

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I was able to install the .dll and the workbench install completed, but no matter what i tryed it would not start, so i did a factory reset.
I won’t be able to try again for a couple of weeks.
See you then and Thank you !!!

There are other tools also available. I use HeidiSQL as second Tool where Base is inconvenient. But in any case: Expect problems, as Win7 and Win8 have reached end of support, so most developers will often not activly keep their software usable for this.

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