Even v. 7 isn't entirely reliable on Mac

So my Mac “upgraded” to Big Sur recently, and along with making exactly every operation run slower, it made my LibreOffice completely fail to work. Looking around I found that nothing before version 7.0+ will work on Big Sur. All right, fine, I downloaded that version, actually liked some things more. And it worked…once. Thinking everything was fine, I went about my life, but then the next time I needed to open my files (I’m a writer, but I do my drafting with GoogleDocs on my phone), the LibreOffice icon bounced in the dock, with the black dot under it…and nothing. Then the black dot went away, just like it did with version 6.

But then five minutes later, it turned out no, the app was actually just taking minutes on end to start. And it’s taken that long ever since; it seems to need multiple tries to even open the app at all (though that might be me panicking and clicking it multiple times because it seems like it crashes). I mostly just need to know that the devs are working on fixing the Big Sur issues. It should never be ambiguous whether an app has crashed on startup. I realize this is almost certainly Apple’s fault (man remember when Microsoft was the evil megacorp? we didn’t know how good we had it), but there ought to be some kind of of fix from the dev end too.