Every time I click to edit text a box appears that I can't remove and can't proceed with edit.Never used Librewriter before please help

No experience with this or any other word processor other than Apache Open Office and this program is near impossible for me to use and really I am at the stage of giving up and trying to find something simpler that I can use with confidence.

This is a question-and-answer site for LibreOffice users. Read these guidelines and ask a good question. Ranting about the complexity of LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice is not a question at all.

I apologize if I seemed to be ranting. Never having used LibreOffice writer it is just a bit daunting. Not being very tech savvy, and being 55 years old I am trying my best although I am a great writer, and that’s a gift that no guideline or word processor can ever teach.

That’s unfortunate that. It’s a good question and I’m sure it’s something basic so bear with me and we’ll get you fix up okay,
Gonna need more information as after switching from OpenOffice years ago I’ve been happy with LibreOffice generally but I’m with you that sometimes it can be a pain in the butt to learn the new stuff.

Can you put up a screen shot of the event. It sounds like it’s pretty consistent for you so go ahead.
There are only a couple of “boxes” that I can conjure up in my mind so I need your help.

Please do not post an answer unless it actually answers the question. This should be posted as a comment.

And don’t post such bullshit as:

put up a screen shot

It is totally useless and will only create unnecessary noise. When there is a problem with a file, the file should be posted, not a screenshot.