Excel document opened but content is empty

today I got a confidential Microsoft Excel file (I can’t attach it on forum). I tried to open .xls document using LibreOffice on Windows XP and document opened without an error, but document is completely empty.

Original document in Microsoft Excel opens with multiple sheets and a lot of data on each of the sheet.

Any idea how to force a LibreOffice Calc to open a document or at least produce some error message?

I have a same problem too but LibreOffice version are 4.3.0, 4.1.6 :frowning:

Reported (by @Alexey) as bug fdo#84229. Appears to be quite an old bug (i.e., opens OK in v3.3 and v3.4) in the case of the provided example.

@L-user - I am runnig the same LibO on XP like you and never had such a problem.


  • Which detailed steps did you take to open the document?
  • How did you make sure that the very xls-file you opened is not empty? (Not a copy of the file but exactly this file.)
  • How did you exclude the very small chance the the font is white on a white background?
  1. Open Calc. File | Open and select a file and Open button.
  2. XLS document is opened in Microsoft Excel it has a lot of data in it and it has multiple spreadsheets. In LibreOffice it opens one single spreadsheet with no data in it.
  3. I selected whole document and select red Font Color. Nothing

    It looks to me instead of original document, a New document is opened, because I see my template (on Sheet only). But in title bar of LibreOffice there is a name of a document I have opened.