Excel has many Bible reading plans, can I convert to LibreOffice Calc file? Safely?

So many offers online for such, always Excel, but now having this free, Open Source Software from LibreOffice that can do all that Micro Soft Office does, can LibreOffice somehow convert these Excel files into a purely LibreOffice Calc document on a Windows operating system? Even if there’s more than one sheet/tab in them? To look at and test them on my computer?

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Why don’t you just try? Load an .xlsx file and save as .ods, but you can also re-save as .xlsx again.

THanks @erAck! I am used to, or have used only xls files, my Excel only saved with that, are they the same?

They are not the same, .xls is the old binary file format, but LibreOffice can open (and save) that as well.

After using Excel for years that’s good to know. And know LibreOffice can open such, Thanks. I looked at your links, your LibreOffice link, will read some later, they look helpful.

Newer versions of Microsoft’s Excel can save also in ods format (see).

Save as .ods only if you have at least Excel 2013 or later. Earlier versions break formulas. Apart from that LibreOffice introduced ODF file format extensions for Excel interoperability, so saving in Excel as .xlsx and importing in LibreOffice to save in .ods may be the better bet. YMMV… Try.

Thanks! I did did open some files. Worked great!