Excel-like tables that add new rows and replicate formulas

I’m hoping this capability is not unique to Excel… This question has been asked about Google Sheets also with negative results:

In Excel you are able to take a range of cells and convert it to a Table which has the following benefits:

  • Banded row
  • Filterable columns
  • Functions in columns are automatically applied as new rows of data are entered
  • Range becomes a dynamic named range that grows as new rows/columns are added
    • PivotTables that reference this source table’s columns automatically adjust as new rows are added
    • Aggregating functions like Sum() & Average() automatically adjust to the number of rows.

Is there a way to turn a selected range into a dynamic Table?

Unfortunately, I believe this capability is unique to Excel.
I use Excel and LibreOffice Calc interchangeably, and recently discovered this limitation.
There are other posts that ask similar questions.
Regrettably, I have not found a solution.
I release this post is a bit old, but thought I would update it.
I find great value in this Excel capability and hope it will one day make it into Calc.