Exclude a style from exporting


I’m working on a document that should exist in two versions - one normal version, and one version with extra informations here and there aswell as additional paragraphs.

I currently marked the extra paragraphs with a different paragraph style and color, but exporting two PDF from a single office file is still a hassle - i have to remove everything by hand, then export, then put them back, which is prone to error too.

Is there a way to export a ODT to PDF but “excluding” an entire style, that is, acting like if it wasn’t here at all (even if that changes layout) ? This way I could export my master with the comments and export the commentless version with the same file.

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As I understand, you want both remove a style and remove any paragraphs formatted with that style, right? I doubt that it is possible in any other way than writing a macro.

I do not want to remove a style, I want to export a PDF document that omits every paragraph with style X. without having to remove said style or said paragraphs from my document before.

You can assign a style (or a group of heir styles) to the extra informations, and modify the (parent) style Hidden font effect before exporting the second file.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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This is very cool! Is there a way to make this automatic upon export, to generate to files?
Via script or something maybe?

Take a look at the answer for /question/136558/.

What you are looking for is usually called conditional text, i.e. part of the document is displayed depending on a condition. This requires to mark up your text.

First, at the beginning of your document, define a variable which will tell when the controlled text is hidden.

  • Insert>Field>More Fields
  • go to the Variables tab
  • in Type click on Set variable, type public in Name and 0 in Value
  • push Insert

With public set to 0, all the document is visible. When it is set to 1, only non-confidential content is shown.

Now, you’re ready to mark up your document.

At the beginning of restricted paragraphs:

  • Insert>Field>More Fields
  • go to the Functions tab
  • in Type click on Hidden Paragraph, in Condition enter public
  • push Insert

This keeps all styling possibilities unchanged for the paragraph and does not require a specific style.

Hiding individual words is also possible but not very flexible (all words in a “sequence” must have the same character style). Proceed as above but select Hidden text and enter the word in Hidden text instead of inside the paragraph.

I highly recommend you enable View>Formatting Marks and View>Field Shading so that you have visual cues about the existence and location of the various fields.

To change the display condition, double-click on the public definition and change its value.

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Don’t works for me (LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1). What could be the problem?

The condition tells when text is hidden (not when it is shown, what users usually expect). Otherwise you must write a full “equation” like public == 0. What is not user-friendly is you must define a variable. It would have been better to work with a File>Properties, Custom Property.

If it still doesn’t work, attach a sample file to a comment (I assume you know the trick as you’re now a power user of this site).

Got it. Choose menu Tools - Options… - LibreOffice Writer - View, and uncheck Hidden paragraphs.


There is a way to hide the 1 or 0? OK. I answer me. Check the Invisible field in the Edit Fields dialog. :slight_smile:

When editing, as an author, you should always keep hidden text visible. When the condition is in effect, hidden paragraphs have a dotted underline, just like text styled Hidden. I prefer this so that I always know if there is real conditional text or not. I admit it is more difficult to get the look of the final document but it avoids many mistakes.