exclude single file from recovery

hi @all,

i ran into the following situation:

one file opened in calc, did some edits which i want to keep,

opened a second file which crashed calc,

whenever i restart calc i get the recovery dialog and have to chose ‘discard’ - will loose the edits, or ‘recover’ - will crash again,

is there any option to exclude the evil file from the recovery? found none, even went so far to move the suspected ‘lu???.tmp’ file away from the temp directory, cals still asks to recover both files,fails on every attempt, and re-creates the moved file ???

working with 7.2 a0 on win7, i know ‘don’t do valid work in dev versions’ :frowning: but it happened, and a solution might be helpful for others too.





have found a ‘trick’ - workaround - myself … have ‘overinstalled’ an older version of 7.2 which does not have these new crash problems, started, both files recovered, fine. (was / is an ‘admin’ or ‘network’ install besides the 6.1 i normally work with).

Is hardly a viable solution for other people or other situations, if no one knows another solution i will post an ‘enhancement-request’ for it in ‘bugs’.