Exclude strings in parentheses with SUMPRODUCT

I have the following formula : =SUMPRODUCT(AA19:BX19<>"",AA19:BX19<>“X”,AA19:BX19<>G19,AA19:BX19<>L19,AA19:BX19<>P19).
I need this formula to count how many cells contain none of the values (strings) “”, “X” and none of the values (strings) of the cells G19, L19, and P19. I need to modify this formula in order to exclude all the strings (again in the same range AA19:BX19) that are included in parentheses, so they are not going to be counted. For example I need to exclude anything like (JOHN), (MARY), (TOM), (GEORGE). How can I do this? Thanks!

I thought of a solution… =SUMPRODUCT(AA19:BX19<>"",AA19:BX19<>“X”,AA19:BX19<>G19,AA19:BX19<>L19,AA19:BX19<>P19)-COUNTIF(AA19:BX19,"(*)")
This formula seems to result in what I need… But… is there any other more simple way? I mean… by using just the SUMPRODUCT function? Thanks again!

You could use the new REGEX function available in upcoming 6.2 :slight_smile: - then it would look like =SUMPRODUCT(AA19:BX19<>"";AA19:BX19<>"X";AA19:BX19<>G19;AA19:BX19<>L19;AA19:BX19<>P19;ISERROR(REGEX(AA19:BX19;"^\(.*\)$")))

Thank you! :slight_smile: I think that I should wait for the release of v6.2. Up until then, I’ll use my formula.