Excluding an image from print


I want to import an image into a writer document to use as a template - Basically a guide so I know where things will be printed on the paper. Is there a way I can exclude the image i’ll be using as a template from being printed?

Basically its for some labels, All the templates built-in for creating labels are slightly off for my label page, so things are being printed slightly off the actual labels as it gets lower on the page, so I thought I could scan in 1 of my label sheets and use as a template for printing future labels.

Or is there a better way to create a template for this?


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I don’t understand the term “label” in this context. If I guess right the attached example might be of interest.

The properties dialogue for ‘Picture’ (the terms ‘Picture’ and ‘Image’ are mixed up since some time) has a tab ‘Options’. There is a checkbox for ‘Print’.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Sorry if my question wasn’t clear, by labels I mean sticky labels for envolopes. I’m probably overthinking the solution to the problem I have, basically I want to print on sticky labels but all the built-in templates are ‘off’ and dont print properly, If I go to file-new-labels there is nothing in here that prints correctly for me, it looks fine on the computer just not on the physical printout - I think the templates are incorrect.

What would be the best way to print correctly on my sticky labels - probably best forget my idea of using images that dont print for a template as this seems to just confuse things.

Thanks for the help

I should have understood that from the beginning.

OK, You already tried to adjust the margins? As you said things get worse coming to the bottom of a sheet. You are sure your label template and your label sheet have exactly the same paper format? Many printer drivers allow for scaling. You have chosen 100%?

I’m afraid I have too little experience with printing labels.

“petermau”'s answer lead me to another possible misunderstanding for my part.

Let’s assume you have a label template - basically as needed - where size and positions of some labels don’t meet exactly the material sheet. I would take the mesures from the material sheet and redefine the properties of the text frames used in the label document. … Then store the result as a Writer template of my own. (Again abstaining from using mail-merge functionality.)

Under Tools > Options… > LibreOffice > Print > Contents section there is a Pictures and objects option that may provide the required functionality.

When I need to print sticky labels or visiting cards that are not defined in LibO, I use a table to define the labels. But then I am typing the labels or copy/paste to provide multiple versions, I am not inserting data from a data base. By defining the page margins in page style and the labels in precise dimensions using a ruler I can display the exact usable area. (VIEW > RULERS)

If you have gaps between the labels you can define extra thin table spaces. Also, if you actually need little images such as a logo, you can anchor them to the page and place them precisely on each label. I have no experience in using the label / visiting card templates as they never match my actual labels or cards, but I am sure they must work well. hope this helps Peter

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If you find a label template that is similar to your requirement, I assume that you can modify the settings and save the template. This should have the advantage of avoiding cut /paste for multiple identical labels by using the POPULATE option. Ah well, something else for me to try when I have a moment…Peter