exe files located where?

Windows 10, LO

Trying to assign LO as default for .doc files, doesn’t come up as an option. Only ‘Word’ or ‘Look at App Store.’ In app store, find LO, says its already installed, but also asks me which devices I want to install it on. It also now costs $.99–when I installed it was free. Does that matter? I do not proceed to re-install.

Another try – find a .doc file and click ‘Open with’. Here I at least get the option to browse for another app. This is where I cannot find the exe file associated with Libre. Nothing in my program files folder or program files (x64) folder. I have LibreOffice folder in my App Data folder, but a search for *.exe yields NOTHING. I have also searched my entire C:/ drive for soffice.exe and writer.exe–other suggestions I have seen. What is this program’s exe file named? I will search and find it that way if it exists. Maybe my LO opens by magic and pixie dust. That’s what it’s looking like.


It seems that you have installed LibreOffice from MS store? then that’s not an official LibreOffice from TDF (although one of those offers is trustworthy from CIB - one of the companies supporting TDF). It would be impossible to tell something unless you address your question to the package author.

Anyway, you could use Windows’ Task Manager to try locating the EXE: right-click on the soffice.exe (or soffice.bin), and choose “Open file’s location” (might be called slightly different: translated from native to English).

Brilliant using task manager. That worked. I also realized that until very late in my search, I was not seeing hidden files, so maybe that’s why just doing a search for the exe files yielded no results.

Thanks also for the education about the App Store not having the legit version. I think I’ll fix that too.

Thank you!