Exit unfocused Manage Names dialog with keyboard

If you click in the Name Box (or press Ctrl+Shift+T)…

Name Box highlighted with red

  • …then unfold the names list¹ and accept Manage Names…


  • …(Version: 6.4.7 (x86)) press Down Arrow or Up Arrow
  • …(Version: 7.0.4 (x86)) press Down Arrow until Manage Names… is highlighted, then Enter

…it opens the Manage Names dialog but without focus. There is a keyboard way to close it?

EDIT: Not even Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4 or Alt+F4 do something.

Thanks in advance.

Manage Names dialog also opens with Ctrl+F3 but this way remain focused.

¹ Press Alt+Down Arrow to unfold the names list.

No bug report seen searching for Calc and Manage Names.

I am with OS: Windows 6.1 (aka 7), (EDIT) and Windows 10.

EDIT 2: Posted a bug report: tdf#139322.

Looking for ESC?

@anon73440385, Try it. :slight_smile: Maybe only a Windows issue.

@LeroyG - of course I did before commenting; but I’m on Linux KDE (got no Windows 7 any more; tried on Windows 10 and you are right)