Expandable/collapsible tree view

Hello, I’m trying to create my CD music database with LibreOffice Base, but I’m just a beginner with Base.
What I would like to make is essentially a one-to-many relationship: one Album has many Traks. I’ve been able to create the database and a relationship between the two tables Albums and Tracks. What I couldn’t figure out is how to obtain an expandable/collapsible tree view of the Albums list, so that by clicking on an Albums title would expand the Album title and show all the Tracks belonging to that Album. I’ve been able to make such a tree view on MS Access: every Album title has a + sign, so that, when I click on it, it expands and shows its Tracks. Is such a view possible in LibreOffice Base?


There is no + in Base to show linked records.

You can have a form with albums as the main form and a sub form containing the tracks of the album. If set correctly (link main and sub form), selecting an album will then display the tracks linked to it.

The main form can be just about any type of controls you want - table, list box, or other individual controls.

Thank you very much! That solved my problem.

This may be the result wanted → Going further with Dialog and Component