Experiencing a raft of problems (paragraph styles numbers, loss of formatting in copy/paste, ...)

Hi all,
I’m experiencing a lot of different problems with writer. I haven’t upgraded writer for a while as I was on an older version of OS X, and I don’t remember having such extensive problems before. This makes me think that something about my setup might be wrong. I’m on 10.11.6., with LO, and JRE 1.7. I first came across this in editing a docx, but as far as I can test them, the issues also happen in new documents.

The issues I experience is that formatting is lost during copy paste. E.g. a list that is cut/pasted loosed the list attributes. Similarly, when I cut/paste some text that is not in a list, sometimes a list appears.

Similarly, font type is not always preserved during copy/paste. E.g. one heading (in font A) appears in font B when pasted. Sometimes doing an immediate undo/redo fixes it.

When reformatting a paragraph, e.g. to default style, bold or italic sometimes leaks, e.g. if I have four lines,
and I apply the text body style, they all turn italic. However, the text body style makes no reference. Removing direct formatting makes no difference. It’s almost as if certain styles have different (invisible) definitions in different parts of the document.

Heading numbering is very problematic, where changing chapter numbering under tools doesn’t apply the changed style, unless the headings are all re-selected (e.g. find/replace), changed to another style, and then back to the heading style. Sometimes the numbering gets out of order, and “continue numbering” makes the numbers disappear altogether. Sometimes undo/redo fixes this too.

This is really frustrating, as I have no idea where this is coming from. I’d really appreciate some tips, or perhaps somebody would even be willing to have a look at the docx (a CC BY SA licensed OER for use in Zimbabwe) to try to figure out what’s going on.

Many thanks!

A sample (or the document itself) placed somewhere like filebin.ca, and detailed steps (like “copy characters XYZ from line N, paste after word “ABC” on line M, expected F, actually see Q”) much appreciated.

Thanks! Let me try to reduce the document to the “essential errors” and then place it somewhere! Thanks!