Export and import Options from one installation to another

I have several computers with LibreOffice installed, and also portable versions. I would like to export options (preferences such as default fonts, Save formats, etc.) from one installation to the others so i don’t have to manually set up each one when installed or updated.

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If you are on Linux, you can copy your profile from your home directory at ~/.config/libreoffice to your other computers. Not sure where your profile is stored for Libre Office on Windows, but probably in your user directory under appdata, which is a hidden directory.

I’m on Windows. What folders/files are in the profile - might be the same as Linux.

In the PortableApps version, I found LibreOfficePortable\Data\settings\user which has sub-folders settings, fonts and temp. I copied those to a new portable version, and the it worked. Thanks.

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