Export and resize in pixels

I’m trying to export a jpeg file of my logo in Libre Draw. The specific size of the logo needs to be 120px wide and 30px high. When I export (with selection), there is no option to change the width and height separately, ie, change the ratio.

First, change the width to height ratio of the logo. For example, right-click on the shape and choose Position and Size. 120px:30px is 4:1, so set Width: 4.00", Height: 1.00".

Then, export as JPG. Width: 12.00cm, Height: 3.00cm, Resolution: 10 pixels/cm.

JPG Options

Thanks, Jim, that would seem to work. What if the file consisted of more than one image? How do I get them to act as one, and change the ration for the entire file?

Select both images, right-click and specify Group.

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