Export as PDF creates file type File instead of PDF

Hi, my LibreOffice was working great and I was regularly exporting as PDF without issue. Suddenly, when I export as PDF the documents no longer become PDFs. In the properties of the file created it simply says file type file. I can then go in and open with Adobe, but it is frustrating, and since I’m sending lots of these out I don’t want to risk the recipients not knowing what to do.

Thanks you for your help.

Please edit your question to provide greater detail: operating system, LO version, and a screenshot showing the PDF export dialog options. Thanks.

With Windows: Using File, Export as PDF, Set your settings, then click Export OR the Export to PDF icon. When the “Save As” dialog comes up, ensure that “Use Automatic File Name Extension” is checked. If this is not checked, the file may not save with the .PDF on the filename unless you type it in.

If this is the case, any current files that you have without .PDF on the end of them should be able to be renamed with .PDF on the end of them and should work as expected.

This worked. Thanks. Weird that it somehow reset itself like that.

I assume you are using some kind of Windows. Right click on any pdf file, choose open with → choose a program and pick acrobat reader, also please select “Always use this application to open PDF files” or whatever similar it says. Open and you should be fine. Nothing to do with LO.

Edit: here is a more precise explanation even with pictures: Microsoft answers