"Export as PDF" LibreOffice3.5.6 old file stuck in memory

Have searched for hours and have seen nothing relating to this problem. Dell Vostro/Win7.
Deleted Adobe Reader and reinstalled. Deleted 3.5.4 and installed 3.5.6. No changes.

About a year ago I exported a document to pdf to attach to an email. Now that same document is the one that manifests itself whenever I try to pdf any file. Seems this document has became a default image somewhere.

Not a programmer (except for BASIC back in 1981), so please keep responses simple. Thanks.


PS The only thing I haven’t tried is deleting the existing user profile because tips on the sites have not been specific enough for me to do them in Win7. If I were doing it in DOS, no probs. But been too long to even attempt that.

Hi @LaurenS, Instructions on resetting your user profile may be found here: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile