"Export as PDF" - LO opens with Draw instead of system default. How can I change that?


When I export a document (Writer, Calc…any) as PDF, LO will open the document.
It used to do that with the system default but now it uses Draw. And I would like to change it to its previous behaviour.
How do I do that?

OS: Ubuntu/Bodhi
System Default: Atril PDF reader.

There are some other threads about LO’s behaviour when opening PDFs but this is about the automatic PDF opening after a PDF export (which might be a different matter).

This is a matter of association between a file type and an application. The OS uses the first application in the association list to open the file. The order in the list depends on the installation order. Last installed app wins (because it is added at the head of the list).

You didn’t mention your desktop manager (KDE Plasma, Gnome, LxQt, Mate, Xfce, …) though I’d guess it is Gnome or one its offsprings because you mention Atril.

Look in the Control Center for a module dealing with extensions. With KDE Plasma, you launch the system config utility and go to “Application”, then File Association". You select the MIME type (or search for the extension). Then you can change the order with Up and Down buttons.

Anyway, LO can’t be blamed. This is an OS issue.