export base to calc

I’m trying to export data from libreoffice base to LO calc. I’m using 6.4 on linux.
I would like to export data from a query to specific cells in calc.
I see tons of information on moving data to calc by using the connections and copy/past etc… I want the user to click on a button and have it happen. Like a command button with VBA. LO used IDE and macros, right?

I see reference to access2base but not sure how that works.

Do I try to convert my VBA to IDE? I’m redesigning the database and doing improvements, so the names of items won’t match fully, but the concept of the programming should. I just don’t know how to convert it over. Or, do I try to learn the new language and start over?

Where would be a good place to learn about these things?



Not certain how much of VBA would be recognized within LO. I dropped use of VBA many years ago when moving to LibreOffice.

I even bypassed Access2Base but have tested just a bit and answered a few questions on it. Here is the LO help info → What is Access2Base?.

Here is the main site for Access2Base → Access2Base .

Also for Base documents and macro info (not just Base) there are a number of links in this post → To learn LibreOffice Base are there introductions or tutorials?

Now as for your question, macros will do most of what you want. You should also look at another possibility - Linking data into Calc from Base. For more on that see the LO Calc documentation found here → LibreOffice Calc Guide Chapter 10 - Linking Calc Data.

To be honest, I guess I don’t really understand what access2base does or specifically how it is performed. I have previously reviewed those sites you referenced. I guess I missed the how to use the information.

I reviewed chapter 10, and don’t think that will help me in what I need.

I think I will go with learning more about how to use macros (which is the same concept of VBA code, right).

I’ll look over the macro info you posted. I’ve looked over the book by Andrew Pitonyak, and plan on reading more. I did find some LO guide cards on base and plan on looking those over.