Export do DOC: Page-break inserted

I am having this strange problem and I have no idea what could be the cause of the problem. I have a document in LibreOffice 4.1.2. At some pages (3-4 pages), when saved in DOC, page break is inserted and I wasn’t able to figure out what causes it (I didn’t insert that page break in ODT) Could you try to give me some hint? Thanks.

EDIT: Problem is related to paragraph which is starting at one page and continuing on another (however, only some paragraphs are affected).If I insert page break before such paragraph, text continue to show normally in DOC.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Ok, I identified that this occurs because I used two page styles (default style and “next style” was set to “left style”… once I removed left and right (default) style page, saving in DOC does not cause this problem. However, now I do not have two page styles (left and right).

Can you provide the original .odt document and the generated .doc document?

Do you have tried to force a new page by entering empty lines? If yes, that is not the way to start on a new page, but you have to use a page break:

I cannot provide original document, because it is confidential, but I will try to cut those pages and see if the same think is happening. I never force empty lines, and when new page I need, I use Insert → page break. The problem here is that I have page break, but in original ODT document it does not exist.

This issue (saving to DOC causing page breaks based on page styles) has been reported as bug fdo#71950. Earlier bug fdo#41650 also appears related, although it started life as a more general report.

Thanks. I was trying to figure out solution for this, but with no success.