Export Draw layer info to PDF

Draw supports layers that are not z-ordered (unlike CAD or GIMP &c.).
And PDF supports layers that are not z-ordered.

So what stops Draw’s Export as PDF... including layer information that can be interpreted by PDF reader applications and, hence, be preferentially selected by users?


…if I understood your problem exactly…
You can control the Printable Property of the layers. Only those layers will be exported to PDF, what you enable by the Printable parameter.
Right click on the TAB of the layer - Modify Layer - check or uncheck the option “Printable”.
(LibreOffice 6.4.7)

Hi - thanks for the response.
Not exactly. It’s not whether layers are included - in theory, it should be possible to include all (or, specific, I guess) layers in an export… and then, in the PDF reader app be able to select and deselect visibility of layers interactively.

As described for SODA, Adobe, and pdfelement.


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Brilliant! (but amazing that my previous searches didn’t return those)

Can I suggest that anyone who finds their way here searching for this feature adds their support to the enhancement request in @Zizi64’s second link