Export Drawing to Illustrator, etc.

I have spent a great deal of time searching but forgive if I missed the answer. This would seem fairly obvious but it is not: I need to provide a file to a printer that uses Corel Draw, but if I can at least get it into Illustrator I think I can export from that to Draw. I have tried literally every format option in export and many other settings and oen thing or another changes in the graphic when opened in Illustrator. I’m on a Mac- no Draw in Mac. The file was created in current Libre. I have Illustrator CS6 but issues appear similar to other versions.

If someone has done this successfully please help! Most common problem is tanked resolution in transfer. Yes I know about size and DPI interaction in Bitmap and other exports. I have tried many different options and file formats and none seem to open in Illustrator properly. And yes I tried Inkscape as in intermediary application also.

Thanks a bunch.