Export EPS to PS or PDF as vector image

In older versions of LibreOffice, if I am not mistaken, it was possible to embed EPS into PS file by using “Print to file” (also if EPS has raster preview, the vector image was embedded). But in 5.3.3 a raster image is embedded in PS (in LibreOffice Writer). How can I embed vector EPS into PS or PDF?

Ubuntu 17.04.

It is possible to use vector images in the PDF or SVG format instead of EPS. It seems that they are exported to a PDF document as vector images in LibreOffice Writer.

You can easily convert any EPS to PDF (still problematic on LibO) and SVG from command line on Linux. With

epstopdf input.eps --outfile=ThePDF.pdf

you turn your input.eps file into a well formatted, single page PDF. Then with

pdf2svg ThePDF.pdf FinalSVG.svg

you obtain a perfect SVG to use on Writer.