Export Hidden Slides to PDF Command Line

How do I enter the option to print hidden pages (this is what its called in the GUI) in headless mode? As I’m trying to bulk convert PPTs to PDF and some of them contain hidden slides. Is it possible to do this with unoconv?

I’ve tried:
$ unoconv -f pdf -e ExportHiddenSlides=true presentation.ppt


$ unoconv -f pdf -e ExportHiddenPages=true presentation.ppt

This is not possible to do yet. Although it has been filled as an enhancement. So the solution for the moment is to:

Move to Apache OpenOffice, then use unoconv to export to PDF and this will then be able to export PPT to PDF and include the hidden slides. To install Apache OpenOffice. Then grab unoconv from its git repository as in the ubuntu software repos it requires libreoffice and the two can’t be installed simultaneously.