Export images in odt document to epub

Hi everyone!

I really like the export to epub feature that’s now part of Libreoffice!

I have a question regarding exporting images present in a odt document into an epub. Currently, the export to epub option only exports the text but not the images to the epub file.

Is there a setting I need to change for this to happen? I have looked through the options and I can’t see anything to that effect.

Thanks for the help!

What version of LO do you use?

Not exactly an answer, but try exporting to FictionBook2 using OOoFBTools. If necessary, convert using Calibre.

I’m using LO version I’ve connected the LO PPA, so I always have the newest version. I’ll try FBTools and Calibre and see how well they do the job. Thanks for the suggestions!

I tried Calibre and the program has some really good epub creation options. It’s also not exporting my images into the epub, so I will have to go and read the online guide! Thanks everyone for the advice & suggestions!

Just read the manual. Calibre does a better job converting docs if they are in the odt format than pdf format. Used the odt version of my document to convert it to epub and everything was converted ok including the images & tables! Now just have to read up some more on fine tuning the final result :slight_smile:

Just an update to my question. LO was updated today via the ppa to version & now the images export to the epub :slight_smile: There are also more options available when exporting to an epub. The only issue minor issue I have now is that images are exported in duplicate. This could be due to my images being in SVG format. Hoping that this minor issue will be fixed in 6.2 & going by the progress the LO team made with this feature - it’s a certainty!

Please note that however certain you could be with the final fix of a problem - it’s always good to make sure developers are informed of the issue. So please file a bug report on it.

Exactly - they can’t fix a problem if they don’t know about it…

I’m using the latest version of LibreOffice for my operating system - at the time of writing - and no matter what I try, I cannot get images to stick when I convert the file to EPUB… Perhaps this feature is a work-in-progress?

You might need to look at something like Calibre instead…

may be

You could very well be correct that this feature is still a work in progress. I’m using LO version and clearly no progress has been made since Hopefully this feature will be fully functional by version 6.1 or 6.2 :slight_smile: Thanks for your suggestion as well, looks like I need to try Calibre to do this job for the time being!

No worries. Glad I could help!

There were large changes between 6.0 and 6.1 when it comes to EPUB support, so if you see a problem with 6.1, definitely try 6.1 before filing any bugreports.