Export / Import page style

Hello dear,

I have a certain page style in my LibreOffice Writer document ‘A’, and I want to export such style into another document ‘B’.
How can I do it?

You can’t “export” styles. However, you can “import” (load) them.

  • Open document B
  • With style sidepane displayed (F11), click on the little triangle at right of toolbar and select Load Styles
  • In the dialog which pops -p, click on Pages box and usually also on Overwrite so that pages with same name are replaced (otherwise they aren’t)
  • Press From Files to choose document A

“Export” concept is rather designing a template which will be saved for basing future document on it.

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Thanks, a very complete answer. I also found myself this method, but I missed clicking on [ ] Pages before I clicked on From Files so it didn’t load the style :\. The second time I did it right. :slight_smile: