Export Impress to PDF Without Author Property

When an Impress presentation is exported to a PDF file, the author’s name
and user directory are visible – under Properties – to anyone who can open
the PDF file. I heard there’s a way to disable this “feature” by editing the Windows
Registry, but I don’t always have Admin privilege.

image description

Is there any way to prevent Impress from passing on this personal data?
Any way to save out the Impress .odp file in XML format, and manually
edit out my name using vi?

I have not tested this with impress, but it is possible to reset private data in LibreOffice:
Wiki entry at ask.libreoffice.org

Windows registry won’t help for LibreOffice (or i will be surprised…)


You shouldn’t need to edit registry. Why don’t you just open File > Properties > General and just untick Apply user data. When you export to pdf your user data won’t be exported.