Export LO Writer Style as .css Style Sheet

It is possible to export/save the styles for a given document—or perhaps a .ott template—as a HTML5 compliant .css file? If so, how?
I know from, e.g., here, how to export & import styles from one Writer document to another, but I’m interested in using the style with another app (ghostwriter to let it create documents in the same style as various Writer documents).

sorry, no way

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What I did was:

  1. Save the document as an .html file
  2. Opened that .html version in my currently-favorite text editor
  3. Copied the to section from near the top of what opened in the text editor
  4. Psated that section without the and tags into a blank text file
  5. Saved that new file as a .css file

A bit of a work around, but it worked.

This is the only workaround I’m aware of.