Export PDF font mismatch

LO on Ubuntu 12.04 64bits (french)

I’m using “URW Gothic L” font in a Writer document, when I export it to PDF some characters are not “printed” the way they should.
e.g. “D’une part – et d’autre part” is exported as “D©ne part ± et d©utre part” with u and a placed under the 2 ©… See the - replaced by ± too.

Abiword exports the ods properly.
Not all fonts are impacted, for instance Arial exports properly.
Deleted .config/libreoffice/4/user : no change.
Reinstalled LibreOffice after purge : same song.

Finally reinstalled and it exports back properly.

Guess there’s something wrong between 4.3.4 and Ubuntu 12.04.5 which is supported until 2017…

If v4.2.8.2 works and V4.3.4.1 does not you found a bug. May I propose to file a bug report here: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/bug/