Export spreadsheet from impress

I imported a spreadsheet to Impress a while back. It functions as a spreadsheet from within Impress but it is disconnected from the original spreadsheet (no updates made within the Impress version show in the original file version). Is there a way to save the Impress version of the spreadsheet back to a Calc file (an ODS or XLS)?

The spredsheet (Calc?) document you are talking of is obviouly an OLE object somewhere in your Impress document.
Select it without opening it. The context menu (rightclick) should show an item, Save Copy as.... Do you miss it or didn*'t it work?

If you opened the OLE spreadsheet, the main mnenu item >File should also offer Save, Save as... concerning the active (spreadsheet) document.

The spreadsheet was indeed an OLE import. And as many times as I looked at the context menu, the “save as” was indeed there at the bottom. Very nice, thank you Lupp!