Export to Google Drive

When I try to open Google Drive sharing the software ask for a 6 digit pin which GD never sends me.

I see that this has been a problem for others on the internet.

Release version

I would like to be able to access a base file from different computers


Google Drive from within LO has not worked in a very long time and do not see any fix in the near future. The request for a 6-digit pin is part of the problem.

which GD never sends me.

Just a remark (which won’t help you anyway - see comment from @Ratslinger ). You’d get that on demand setting your Google account to make use of 2-Factor-Authentication in combination with Google app called Authenticator.

I use 2 factor authentication with Google.

Please, this should be a comment not an answer.

If you are attempting to use access from within LO, you will get a prompt for the pin but Google is never contacted. That is part of the error. So it matters not whether you use 2FA or not - you always get the prompt.

Correct, that’s what is happening in my case.

Yes - it happens to everyone. You can follow any progress to this being fixed here → tdf#101630

If I put the base file in Google back up and sync will it sync across my computers?