Export to PDF & avoid text and image selection after

Hello there!
Could someone help me here?
How to export from LibreOffice file (*.odt) to a mirrored document with pdf extension ?
(avoid final reader from selecting images or text, and without generate password protected pdf files)

I know I can export to pdf-» pdf to jpg -» print again to pdf, but I’m looking for a easier way

Thank you !

Edit: Win10 | LibreOffice

Cancelled - Cheers

Do you mean you want to avoid anybody from copying text or images?

Since the available tools differ across platforms, please edit your question to mention OS name and LO version. Be kind to contributor by adding this information in your question so that everything is at a single place. Don’t use a comment.

When exporting to PDF, the PDF Options dialog has a tab labelled Security. If you set a permission password, selecting options is now enabled.

You can forbid contents copyand changes. You can also forbid printing so that there no workaround through the print engine (like printing to pdf to get an unprotected document).

This is not the same as a password protected file as you need no password to open and read the file.

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