Export to PDF defaults to path different than save location

In my LibreOffice x64 Windows 10 installation, I find it annoying that, when I export a writer document to PDF, it defaults to a path different than the save location of the document. In fact, it defaults to the path of the last PDF export.

What I do, as a shortcut to addressing this inconvenience, is try to save as first, copy the path from the top of the save as dialog box, cancel, export to PDF, paste the path at the top of that dialog box, and then save/export the PDF.

Is this behavior the same in other operating systems?

If so, would you agree that it is inconvenient? Do you feel that it would be better to default to the same directory as the document that is exported to PDF?

Just wanted to check with the community with the above issues, before I trouble Bugzilla with a feature request.

Is this behavior the same in other operating systems?

In current LinuxMint versions (Ubuntu) the save path of PDF is the same as for the Open Document.

The question was asked in some forum before, I can’t recall which. I’m not sure whether Bugzilla is on work with this request…

This issue has been characterized as a bug inherited from older OpenOffice code, and has already been submitted to Bugzilla, as described here: