Export to pdf from OfficeLibre Draw

I’ve had OfficeLibre (4.1.02) for a few months and have developed a Draw document (5.5 MB) with picture as Layout and layers with drawings. Worked fine - showed in Page Pane the Layout and selected layer, as well as being able to print as pdf. Downloaded version 4.1.2 and now Page Pane shows Layout and all layers superimposed; export to pdf keeps showing “Write Error - The file could not be written” and print pdf just shows the Layout (nothing else).

With problems after an update, the first thing to check is whether resetting the user profile fixes the issue. (Scroll up on that linked page to get information on the location of the profile in different OS’s.)

Perhaps let us know how that goes, and if it doesn’t fix it there are more diagnostics to look at – starting with whether this is the only file affected, or whether you get the same behaviour with all your Draw files. It would be good to know, too, what platform you’re working on (some flavour of Win? Linux? Mac?). You could also check Tools > Options... > LibreOffice > [Print | Paths] to see whether those settings are correct.

David - thanks for quick response.

Update on pdf printing from LibreOffice Draw (21 Dec 2013) from TWR.

  1. Using Macbook Pro with OS X 10.9.1
  2. The paths look correct.
  3. The problem exists on all of my LibreOffice Draw documents.
  4. From Apple Time Machine, tried to restore LibreOffice version that I was using in September.
    • When prompted, I chose to keep both versions; however, both versions were the current version
    • Deleted all versions and restored version
    • Restored from early November the big document that I was using. Seems that it is doing the same as version
    • Page Pane shows all layers superimposed.
    • Export to pdf shows “The file could not be written.”
    • Print to pdf shows same image as in Page Pane.
  5. Although somewhat cumbersome, found workaround:
    • Created copies of master file with same Layout so that there is copy for each layer.
    • Deleted all lays from copies, except layer of interest. This is now what shows in Page Pane.
    • Just like in last bullet in #3 above, print to pdf shows image as in Page Pane.
  6. After a couple of hours of frustration in trying to restore about 4 times and repeating the same symptoms, I gave up and am using the workaround.