export to pdf in version 5 is 10 times bigger than version 3.5

I see various comments that Libre Office pdf exports are now very large.
I used libreoffice 3.5 for many years and a simple 1 page text only document (an invoice) was 40 KBy. Now I have upgraded to libreoffice (on suse 43.1) and the same document makes a pdf of over 500 KBy.
pdffonts reports that now every font is embedded. Previous documents only embedded 2 of the 8 fonts in my document.
I have to use ps2pdf to clean up the exported pdf files and they are then about 50 KBy. But this manual process is very inconvenient and is a backward step from Libreoffice 3.5. (can it be automated within Libroffice during export?)

Is there a way to control the generation of pdf files better? I already have set it to 75dpi and jpeg 80%.
I cannot easily upgrade beyond Libreoffice version But do the more recent versions actually fix this issue?

Well - to check, one needs a means to test. If you provide a test doc that you know how it exports in 5.2, then others could check later versions and provide a useful feedback.

I have prepared a dummy single page minimal “invoice” to show the problem. The attached dummypdftest.odt writer file is 14403 bytes. Exporting this to pdf gives a file with size 522181 bytes.

Running ps2pdf dummypdftest.pdf gives dummypdftest.pdf.pdf with file size 40117 bytes, which is comparable to the filesize of direct exports from Libreoffice 3.5.

Export results: Save as pdf, 300 dpi, losless:

  • Apache OpenOffice 4.1.5: 21,9 kB
  • LibreOffice 109,5 kB
  • LibreOffice 581,7 kB

PS: I nearly always use OpenOffice for PDF export (target: publishing on website) because of its minimal space. Colleagues tried Nitro pdf - the results are similar to LibreOffice 5, too much space…

Thanks Grantler.

Based on your comment I installed apache openoffice alongside Libreoffice. Apache openoffice now gives me a pdf size of 24.3K on the test document.
Problem solved - avoid Libreoffice for pdf creation!

… and master: 85.2 KB (Win10; don’t know if OS matters - it could use system libraries on Linux).