Export to PDF options doesn't work

I was trying to export a PDF from Calc but couldn’t make it to fit one page and every setting I change the output is always the same. I’m using version 4.4.03.

You see here the behavior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL44ceN_jeE

EDIT: The same thing on kubuntu!

Your sheet uses two pages (you can see the dividing line as a slightly darker line between column G and H). The adjustments you tried only affect how one page appears.

On the menu choose View/Page Break Preview. You should see Page 1 and Page 2. With your mouse grab the line between columns G and H and drag it to the right to include columns through J. Now everything is on Page 1 and the PDF export will include all data.

You could also change the column width and/or page margins so that all will fit on one page.