Exporting a impress to mp4 video file with sound

hello all. I am trying to convert a presentation that has a mp3 sound on it to an mp4 video file . Seeing as I could not find a native export for mp4 (all I found was to export it to PDF) I decided to save the file as a PPT powerpoint file then opened up a online converter to convert ppt to mp4 ( https://www.online-convert.com/ ) and it converted the slideshow absolutely fine just how I wanted it all for exept one thing the original mp3 I added to the slideshow did not come out on the mp4 video file - no sound was on it.
Any Ideas please?
Thanks, Andy.

Better use a screen recorder… :wink:
Linux: SimpleScreenRecorder
Windows10: In-built screen recorder

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Thanks for the suggestion. However, the problem with a screen recording is that it has inherently fixed timings. I instead want to be able to click when I want the mp3 to play (or the slide to transition or whatever), not to have that happen automatically at a fiwed point in time. Any suggestions?

@Collaboroeland ,
If you don’t want to have synchronicity between audio and presentation, you should save the audio file separately and the presentation without audio.
This way you can play or stop both independently.