Exporting to Excel from an accounting package

I am using an accounting package that can export data to Excel when it detects that Excel is installed on the computer. I installed LibreOffice 5.0 on my system but when I log into the accounting software the Excel Export option is grayed out.

Does anyone have a solution?

As I presume you do not have Excel installed on your computer this would be expected. LO cannot look like Excel to your accounting package. You need to contact the accounting package supplier for further information.

Your assumption is correct. Excel is not installed on the computer only LibreOffice.

So to restate the issue: The Accounting package is looking for Excel Objects and the issue is can LibreOffice or some other software provide a substitute.

@J6012 As I said LO Calc or any other spreadsheet cannot look like Excel to your accounts package - the supplier of this package would be the best source for help. There is a similar question here Will LibreOffice work with Quickbooks Pro payroll reports.