Exporting to pdf un-bolds bolded text

hello! when i try to “export as pdf” or “export directly as pdf” the pdf version will un-bold bolded text. if i use the microsoft “print to pdf” function in the printer menu, however, the text will be exported as expected.

here is a screenshot of an exported pdf: as you can see, all other formatting is maintained, but the bolded text is no longer bolded. why does it do this? how can i fix it?

i’m using windows 10 & libreoffice version

Use a non-variable font. Any support for variable fonts in LibreOffice is accidental.

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For similar error but different font, see bug tdf#108497, and variable font support on which it would depend tdf#103596.

Support for embedding variable fonts landed in LibreOffice 7.5, which should fix this issue.

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